The short answer is no, a friend cannot buy medical marijuana product on your behalf; however, a legal representative/caregiver is allowed to buy your medicinal product for you. This is great because many people living with disease, illness or pain are not well enough to travel to the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTC), where these products are sold.

If you are approved for marijuana use by our doctors, you have the right to appoint a Legal Representative or Caregiver. Here are the requirements for that individual:

  • At least 21 years old
  • Not caring for more than one patient at a time (there are a few exceptions to this rule)
  • May not be a qualified doctor or in any way financially incentivized by an MMTC
  • Must be registered with the Medical Marijuana Use Registry as a caregiver
  • Must complete a biannual caregiver certification course
  • Must pass a background check (exceptions are usually made if the individual is a close relative or family member)
  • Must provide proof of Legal Representative status

Your caregiver must have an active marijuana registry identification card when they are purchasing marijuana products and when they are in possession of medical marijuana.

Home Delivery is Also an Option

Most MMTCs in our area offer convenient, professional home delivery. We cannot arrange this type of delivery at AMRX, but we can answer all of your questions about Florida dispensaries (MMTC). Home delivery means the medicinal marijuana product can be delivered right to your door or to your caregiver.

Why Are the Dispensaries Separate from My Doctor?

In Florida, the doctors who evaluate you for medical marijuana treatment are separate from the Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers that sell marijuana products. That’s how it works in our state. Your first step as someone interested in using marijuana is to visit AMRX for an evaluation with our doctors. If they approve you to use it, then you’ll be entered into the state database and will receive your marijuana ID card shortly thereafter.

Although cannabis doctors cannot sell THC products, they can sell CBD products. We can also answer all of your questions about the strains, devices and products sold by local MMTCs. Our doctors know all about what’s available at these dispensaries, so we can help you decide how you want to use the marijuana you buy and what to ask for when you get there. We know the options inside these MMTCs can be overwhelming, so we’ll make sure you are prepared. Our doctors will also help you fine-tune the benefits you are getting from marijuana, so we can recommend a different strain or delivery device if the product is not giving you what you expected.

Learn More About Medical Marijuana in the Tampa Area

If you have more questions about caregivers purchasing marijuana on your behalf, or if you are ready to schedule an evaluation with one of our experienced marijuana-recommending doctors in St. Petersburg, please call Access Marijuana RX at 727-209-5470.

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