Epileptic seizures affect children, teens, and adults, and can make life much more challenging than it has to be. Those who deal with epileptic seizures never know when one can strike, and it can make an individual always on edge. Fortunately, medical marijuana can help reduce seizures and other unwanted effects and symptoms. See how the use of MMJ for Epilepsy can transform your life.

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana, also known as cannabis, comes from the Cannabis ruderalis plant. While cannabis usually refers to the entire plant, marijuana refers to the dried leaves, female flowers, and stems. These parts of the plant are processed and used for medical purposes to enhance the quality of life for many individuals suffering from a variety of conditions and diseases.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help Reduce Epileptic Seizures?

Studies have shown that the use of CBD can help reduce epileptic seizures in those who are not responding to conventional antiepileptic drugs. CBD also not only blocks the transmission of pain signals but can also positively affect other signal systems found in the brain. While there is a positive impact on those suffering from epileptic seizures, that impact is not fully known yet.

Can Medical Marijuana Replace Other Medications?

Generally speaking, medical marijuana will help you stop an epileptic seizure and replace the use of other medications. While this is the case, it can vary from person to person, and how much CBD is needed can also vary. It is important to speak to your physician to make sure that the change is right for you.

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