Florida is a popular tourist destination that attracts millions yearly with its warm weather and diverse offerings, including world-renowned theme parks and beaches. The Sunshine State has legalized medical marijuana for qualified patients in response to the growing popularity of alternative drug options. While there has been growing investment in the medical marijuana industry, many tourists wonder if they can obtain a medical marijuana card in Florida. Find out more in this blog!

What is a Florida Medical Marijuana Card?

A Florida Medical Marijuana Card is a state-issued identification card that allows qualified patients to legally purchase and use medical marijuana to manage their debilitating medical condition. Patients must have a qualifying medical condition and a recommendation from a licensed physician certifying that medical marijuana is the right choice for their ailment. Patients who possess a medical marijuana card are protected against arrest and prosecution as long as they follow the guidelines established by the state’s medical marijuana program.

Can Tourists Obtain a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida?

Tourists are not eligible to receive a Florida Medical Marijuana Card as it requires the individual to be a permanent state resident. However, tourists visiting Florida can purchase and use medical marijuana if they have a valid medical marijuana card from their home state, as Florida recognizes out-of-state medical marijuana cards under certain conditions.

Use of Out-of-state Medical Cards

Florida recognizes medical marijuana cards from other states that have a medical marijuana program similar to Florida’s. This means that individuals with valid medical marijuana cards from states with identical qualifying conditions and regulations may be able to purchase and use medical marijuana while visiting Florida. It is essential to check with a licensed Florida dispensary or the Florida Department of Health to confirm the current status of out-of-state medical marijuana card recognition in Florida, as laws and regulations may change over time.

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