Smoking medical marijuana is officially legal in Florida! It has been since Gov. Ron DeSantis signed SB 182 in March, 2018. This bill repealed the former ban on smoking marijuana in our state; a ban that was created by legislators at the time and signed by former Gov. Rick Scott.

There are certain restrictions. Although people under 18 years of age with terminal illnesses may qualify for smokeable marijuana, they must receive recommendations from two doctors, and one must be a pediatrician who determines marijuana use is medically advisable. Additionally, any person who opts for smoking cannabis must sign an informed consent form showing they acknowledge the risks associated with smoking.

Reasons People Prefer Smoking to Other Forms of Marijuana Use

If you’ve used marijuana before, you may have a preference for smoking, edibles, tinctures or vaping. If you’re a first-timer, you may be wondering why so many Floridians demanded a repeal of the smoking ban. Some of the benefits of smoking cannabis include:

  • Ease of use
  • Optimal control and flexibility of dosing
  • Effect manifests quickly

Of course, each person has individual preferences. Just because smoking is right for some doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Fortunately, Florida law allows many types of marijuana use. Dispensaries in our state have an array of products from which you can choose, including:

  • Vape pens, oils and cartridges
  • Vaporizer machines (i.e. Volcanoes)
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules/pills
  • Topical creams

Some people do not like smoking because it can cause coughing and a burning sensation in your throat. You may also wish to avoid the adverse health effects of inhaling the marijuana smoke into your lungs – effects that are the subject of ongoing research at this time. If that’s the case, our experienced doctors are ready to help you find a method that works.

Rely on Our Compassion and Experienced Guidance

At AMRX, we don’t simply issue a marijuana recommendation and never talk to the patient again till they need a renewal. Our doctors and staff are committed to the individual success of each of our guests. That means when you choose us, you are receiving effective guidance in the following forms:

  • Information about how to get to the dispensary of your choice, what questions to ask when you get there, and what to do if the dispensary doesn’t have the product you want
  • Follow-up discussion to make sure you got the product you need and are getting the marijuana benefits you expected
  • Ongoing evaluation of whether the strain, dose and delivery method is working for you
  • Adjustment of the strain, dose, delivery method or other aspects if you want to fine-tune your results
  • Listening to your concerns and answering all of your questions at any point in the process

Our practice was founded by Dr. Lora Brown, who has 17 years of experience in interventional pain management. She has been evaluating patients for marijuana eligibility ever since Florida passed the new medical marijuana law in 2017.

We hope you’ll give us a call to learn more about smoking marijuana and to schedule a health evaluation at our St. Petersburg office. Please call our experienced staff at 727-209-5470.

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