In order to obtain medical marijuana in Florida, you must have a valid Compassionate Use Registry identification card. You can apply for this card after a state-approved physician recommends medical marijuana for your health condition and enters you into the Florida Compassionate Use Registry. If the doctor determines your health condition does not qualify you for medical marijuana in Florida, you will not be entered into the registry and cannot receive an ID card.

The good news is that the state’s newly passed constitutional amendment extends medical marijuana eligibility to a broader list of health conditions, opening up the possibility of this beneficial therapy to more people. Want to schedule an appointment to find out if you qualify? Please call the St. Petersburg, FL, practice of Dr. Lora Brown, at 727-209-5470, to arrange an assessment.

Requirements for Qualification

If you have a qualifying health condition, there are a few requirements to apply for your ID card:

  • Be a Florida resident
  • Entered into the Compassionate Use Registry
  • Complete an application

The application itself can be submitted by mail or electronically. Currently there is no online payment option. A money order or check must be sent through the mail. Currently, the registration fee is $75. The application must also include a photo of you taken within the previous 90 days. We will review other details of the process with you during your consultation.

Once you receive your ID, you are able to go to a dispensary to fill the order. If your health condition makes getting to a dispensary uncomfortable or impossible, then you can work with that organization to arrange a delivery to your doorstep.

Current Florida ID Issues

You may have seen headlines in the news about people waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days before receiving their ID cards. The State reports the average wait time currently is 30 days. There seems to be several issues happening:

  • Florida is receiving a large influx of applications, which seems to be more than can be handled efficiently at the moment
  • Applications will be returned if completed incorrectly
  • Applications will be returned if the payment is incorrect or missing

The State is currently working to hire an outside vendor to handle the process of issuing IDs, so hopefully people will begin receiving their cards in a more timely manner. You can increase your chances of getting your card on time by ensuring your application is completed correctly and that the correct payment is submitted.

Schedule an Assessment

If you live in St. Petersburg, Tampa or the surrounding areas and want to find out if you qualify for medical marijuana, please call Access Marijuana RX at 727-209-5470. Dr. Lora Brown will review your health history with you, discuss the current health condition for which you are seeking medical marijuana, and decide whether it is an appropriate therapy. If she does not recommend medical marijuana, you will not be charged for your visit to our practice.

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