October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual health campaign to increase awareness of the disease. There have been tremendous advances against breast cancer in recent years. In addition to regular medical treatment, a growing number of people are looking into complementary medicine techniques like the measured use of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana can be greatly beneficial to individuals with breast cancer. It can help patients manage some symptoms of the disease and find relief from certain treatment side effects.

If you are considering using cannabis for cancer, you are not alone. A survey published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology® found that nearly half of respondents used cannabis to help alleviate symptoms related to breast cancer or its treatment.

Here are some key findings of this survey:

  • Most medical cannabis users reported that cannabis was effective for symptom management.
  • Cannabis is appropriate throughout the cancer journey. It was used prior to treatment in 24%, during treatment in 79%, and after treatment in 54%.
  • Patients used cannabis to relieve a range of symptoms. These symptoms include insomnia (70%), pain (59%), anxiety (57%), stress (51%), and nausea/vomiting (46%).
  • Patients across a range of ages use cannabis for breast cancer.
  • An average of 3-4 cannabis products were utilized. There are many different cannabis products on the market, including oils, edibles, tinctures, and topicals.

Medical marijuana use has been on the rise for several years and it is now available in many states. Many different conditions respond favorably to cannabis. The state of Florida has listed specific conditions that automatically qualify someone for a medical marijuana card, including cancer.

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