If you’re used to smoking marijuana, you may find taking cannabis drops from a bottle awkward. But believe it or not, this is the most trusted and oldest way to take medical marijuana. Tinctures provide predictable and consistent doses and are portable, shelf-stable, and discreet. Using a dropper to take cannabis tincture from a bottle is thought to be the only way to use a cannabis tincture. But many people are often surprised to find out that there are other ways to use a tincture. Here are the three ways you can use cannabis tinctures.


Sublingual is a common way to apply cannabis tincture. It involves loading the dropper with the desired dose and squirting it under the tongue. The extract should be kept under the tongue for at least 60 seconds. Then swish the remaining cannabis tincture around the mouth before swallowing it. Sublingual cannabis tincture application allows membranes inside the cheeks and under the tongue to absorb the cannabinoids in the tincture. The cannabinoids are carried into the bloodstream and cause the effects upon absorption. The effects of cannabis tinctures applied sublingually can take about 30 minutes to be felt and last for up to 3 hours.


You can also swallow tinctures and still feel the cannabinoid effects. However, when swallowed, the effects take as long as edibles to be felt. You can expect the effects of swallowed tincture to kick in within one to two hours, but the effects may last for up to six hours.

Add to Drinks and Foods

People often add tinctures to drinks or meals to mask their taste. Commonly used drinks are tea or coffee and foods that are easy to mix, such as yogurt and pudding. Again, the effects can take as long as edibles to be felt.

Tinctures aren’t the same, and their cannabinoid ratios vary. So, if any of these intake methods doesn’t work for you, try to combine any of them.

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