For many people living with chronic pain or debilitating health issues, medical marijuana can be an incredibly beneficial herbal therapy. But it can also be somewhat intimidating to new users. If you are interested in trying medical cannabis to treat a disease or symptom, here are several things you should think about:


  • Find a qualified prescribing physician: To get a medical marijuana card in Florida, you need to schedule an evaluation with a qualified physician. You cannot just visit any doctor. They need to be registered with the state’s cannabis program. Our physicians have completed the required training and certification. We are here to help you register for a medical marijuana card if you are eligible.
  • Learn about the different types of medical marijuana: Beyond helping you get your MMJ card, our physicians are committed to working with you to find the best dose and type of marijuana for your unique situation. There are several methods of using medical cannabis in Florida, including oils, tinctures, and edibles. You may even benefit from CBD.
  • Choose the right medical cannabis dispensary: Florida dispensaries are called Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (MMTCs). Each dispensary has its own products. What you can get at one center may be vastly different than what you can get at another. We are familiar with the various products that local dispensaries carry and can take the guesswork out of finding a good match. Count on us to recommend an MMTC that will have the right product for you.
  • Consider the costs: Medical cannabis is not covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. There are ways to manage your costs by choosing certain products and dosages. Our physicians can make recommendations based on your budget. Additionally, the cost of getting and renewing a medical marijuana card is unlikely to be covered by insurance. There is no risk to learn if you are eligible; if you do not qualify for MMJ, you will not be charged for your visit.

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Our experienced physicians are here to answer your questions about medical marijuana and determine your eligibility. You don’t need a referral, simply give us a call at 727-209-5470 to get started. Access Marijuana RX welcomes patients from St. Petersburg, Tampa, and across Florida.


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