Living with PTSD can turn each day into an unbearable burden of worry and stress. It is an individualized condition that affects everyone slightly differently and can be difficult to treat. If you’re someone who has explored various treatment methods without success, then we implore you to reach out to us at Access Marijuana. We offer compassionate services that aim for you to use medical marijuana for PTSD so that you may get the relief you deserve. Whether you’re a veteran, a trauma survivor, or anyone in between who now suffers from PTSD, this can help you.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help?

PTSD comes with all manner of symptoms and additional conditions. Anxiety, nightmares, depression, overall severe stress, and many combinations of these factors. What medical marijuana brings to the table is a curated dose that allows you to feel gradual relief from these symptoms. It allows for your receptors to relax and turn down the overall severity of these symptoms so that your body can slowly start to feel what life without PTSD felt like.

With consistent use that is guided by a medical professional, you can find the dose that will give you the most relief without leaving you dependent on it. In many studies, it also has been shown to reduce nightmares and overall sleep disparity by 77% allowing you to give your body time to recover in peace at night. But again, this type of medicine needs guidance from a trained professional, so please don’t jump right into marijuana use. Come see us here at Access Marijuana and meet Dr. Bernie Yukna.

How Does It Differ From Other Medications?

Other medications used to treat PTSD are rigid and try to be blanket solutions for a condition that is individualized per person. The amount of variety available in the medical marijuana spectrum is vast and can be upped and lowered in dosage much easier than traditional medications. Not to mention that it still allows for specified condition treatment. Certain strains of marijuana allow for more mental relaxation, whereas others encourage and support better sleeping habits. So whether you have a few of the conditions we mentioned, or all of them at once, we can do our best to curate a medical marijuana experience specifically for you. And with the guided hand of our medical professionals, you can get relief in a monitored and guided situation rather than heavily dosing on your own.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

While the conditions medical marijuana can treat are vast, so are the methods for use. It can be smoked, used topically, taken in capsules, and many more varieties. The doctor will work with you to find the method that suits you best and help plan out dosage with you so you can get relief quickly. All the while, you can know that you have a support network helping you with this treatment so you do not become overly dependent . Without this, there is the danger of doing so, which can lead to a new spectrum of challenges outside of your PTSD symptoms.

So don’t wait, give us a call today at Access Marijuana. You can reach our St. Petersburg, FL, location by calling 727-209-5470 to set up your first consultation. From there, we will get to know each other a little better so we can come up with a treatment plan curated directly to your needs and conditions.

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