Since the passage of Florida’s Amendment 2, thousands of people are applying for medical marijuana cards. As someone interested in learning about the law, you may be wondering in what form the medical cannabis is administered. These forms of taking marijuana are known as “delivery methods” or “delivery devices.”

The following delivery methods are permissible under Florida’s Amendment 2.

  • Vaporization: Vaporizers heat up marijuana, which releases the active ingredients in the form of vapor, not smoke. Vaporization is much better for your lungs and cardiovascular system than smoking. No combustion takes place as it does with smoking. You inhale and breathe out the vapor, which can create the same sensation as smoking it. Vaping is a popular method of medical cannabis delivery.
  • Extracts: Tinctures of medical marijuana are made by soaking the plant in a solution of alcohol and water. It results in a concentrated liquid containing the active ingredients. Typically it is administered via drops beneath your tongue, and your doctor will let you know how many drops to administer at a time.
  • Capsules: Medical marijuana can also be administered in pill form. Capsules release the active ingredients via the digestive system.
  • Topicals: Medical cannabis oils can be infused into creams and lotions. Your skin absorbs the active ingredients once you apply the topical.
  • Smoking: Smoking marijuana is another option.

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