As you age and various conditions begin to take hold of your health, you can start to grow tired of taking multiple prescriptions over and over again. Not to mention, some medications are not good to take for long periods, to begin with. That’s why Access Marijuana is here to guide you through medical marijuana for seniors and why it could be one of the best decisions you make. The amount of benefits it can provide is vast and taking it has never been easier. Continue reading to find out more about medical marijuana and how it can benefit your health today.

Wide-Ranging Benefits

Medical marijuana in a professional setting allows for curated doses for each individual who comes through our doors. After talking with our wonderful Dr. Bernie Yukna during your consultation, we will be able to provide you with your dosage and type of medical marijuana. Achy joints, inflammation, chronic pain, heart disease, and many other diseases/conditions can be alleviated by medical marijuana. It could even be something as simple as not being able to sleep well. Marijuana comes in various strains that affect everyone in different ways. While that may seem like it could be hard to nail down which is right for you, that’s why we’re here to help. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that after some brief trial runs, we will get you the appropriate type and dose for your needs.

Easy Usage

The world of recreational and medical marijuana use has expanded exponentially over the past few years. What this allows for are several different products that can be used to treat your conditions without having to smoke something. There are still vaporizers if you want to go down that route, but there are also oils, topicals, edibles, and other formats that are incredibly easy to use. And if you’ve never tried any of these before, we are here to help guide you through them. This is a professional, medical space where you can explore this new method of treatment for yourself. And every step of the way, we will work together to ensure that you’re comfortable, you’re getting the relief you deserve, and that you are only using what you need. There are risks of becoming dependent on marijuana use to treat symptoms, but that’s why we curate low doses of exactly the kind you need for maximum effect. That way there is no need for overly repetitive use or usage in large quantities.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While we have the types of medical marijuana use down to a science, the way they affect each individual can vary. There can be side effects of drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, impaired concentration, and a handful of others depending on the person. However, many of these are short-lived and can be chalked up to the dose or type being unagreeable to you. Simple adjustments to both can remove these effects from the equation, all of which can be figured out during your consultations with the doctor.

We hope we’ve opened your mind to this method of treatment and hope to hear from you at 727-209-5470. Our doors are always open to new patients at Access Marijuana in St. Petersburg, FL.

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