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For people experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder, the symptoms can be impossible to live with. Tragically, it’s not uncommon for people with PTSD to exhibit suicidal thoughts and behavior. Anxiety, depression and insomnia are all common as well. In Florida, medical marijuana for PTSD provides a way to live with the symptoms and reduce the effect they have on your well-being. To arrange an evaluation to find out if you are eligible for a medical cannabis card, please call Access Marijuana RX at (727) 209-5470. We are located in St. Petersburg and our patients visit us from across the state, including Tampa and the surrounding areas.

How Can Medical Marijuana Help with PTSD Symptoms?

PTSD has debilitating symptoms. For certain candidates, medical marijuana provides relief from such symptoms, which often include:

  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks/nightmares

Research looking at how marijuana may relieve these symptoms is sparse. As more states adopt medical cannabis policies, we hope that more research will be conducted, which will help all of us better understand the mechanisms at work. We know anecdotally that many people living with PTSD have found effective relief through marijuana use. And there is some research out there, such as a 2009 Canadian clinical trial that nighttime medical marijuana use decreased the “frequency and intensity” of nightmares in 72 percent of the people in the study.¹ Other research findings suggest that medical cannabis may address endocannabinoid deficiencies contributing to PTSD.²

This psychiatric disorder can develop when a person experiences a traumatic event. Being a part of that trauma changes your brain chemistry in a way that causes you to experience intense fight-or-flight responses, often at times when such a response is mismatched with what is happening. Other hallmarks of the disorder are flashbacks, bad dreams, problems getting enough sleep and avoidance of certain situations.

PTSD is fairly common among combat veterans, as well as victims of assault, motor vehicle accidents and other traumatic events. Any shocking situation can cause it, whether you are directly involved or were a witness to it. PTSD may develop in anyone – any age, sex, ethnicity, profession, etc. According to the American Psychiatric Association, PTSD affects about 3.5 percent of adults in the United States.³ The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs says about 7 or 8 percent of the U.S. population will experience PTSD at some point in their lives.⁴

On Average, How Much Marijuana Should I Consume To Treat My PTSD?

Every patient is different. It is important to work with our state-licensed physicians to obtain the dose that works best for you. It can take a bit of trial and error to arrive at your ideal number.

One study gave participants a capsule containing 7.5 mg THC. This amount helped lower threat-related activity in the brain and offered additional benefits for those living with PTSD.

What Is the Best Way To Consume Marijuana for PTSD?

There are many different ways to consume medical marijuana for PTSD. Each option comes with unique onset times and may also contain specific amounts of beneficial cannabinoids.

PTSD patients can choose from cannabis delivery methods such as:

  • Smokeable flower
  • Vaporizers
  • Concentrates
  • Edibles
  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Topicals

Our state-licensed physicians will gladly help you find the right fit. It is important to find a method that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences. The good news is there are many options.

Do I Need To Get High in Order To Get the Benefits of Marijuana?

You do not need to get high in order to experience the benefits of marijuana. THC is just one of the active compounds from the cannabis plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) may also help with PTSD.

CBD does not create the euphoric feeling often associated with medical marijuana. However, there have been several studies that suggest it can be used as a possible treatment for PTSD.

Are There Any Risks To Consuming Marijuana for PTSD?

There are potential risks associated with using medical cannabis for PTSD. These risks may include marijuana dependence. Some adverse reactions, such as anxiety and panic, can also occur while consuming marijuana. Our physicians will discuss these considerations with you.

How Much Marijuana Should I Consume in a Given Sitting?

The amount of marijuana that you should consume at once depends on many factors, such as the product you are using, your tolerance, and the effect you want to achieve. Your weight and metabolism also play a role. Two people may respond very differently to the same dose.

In general, it is best to start with a small dose and work your way up until you find your ideal number. Consuming extremely high dosages of THC increases your risk of negative effects.

Our physicians will help determine what dose will work best for your needs.

Reasons to Choose Dr. Lora Brown as Your Physician

If you are living with PTSD in Florida and searching for help, please call Access Marijuana RX. Dr. Lora Brown has many years of experience in medical practice dealing with interventional pain medicine. She has seen first-hand, through the experiences of her patients, that cannabis can relieve the discomfort, pain and other issues caused by a wide variety of health conditions, including PTSD.

Dr. Brown also knows that prescription medications do not always provide the best quality of life for PTSD sufferers. Prescription drugs may leave you feeling hazy, excessively fatigued and generally not present in your daily life. DO NOT stop taking any prescriptions or other medications you are currently ingesting until you have met with both Dr. Brown and your general care practitioner. Doing so could make your symptoms worse or could cause new symptoms to arise. Instead, schedule an evaluation with Dr. Brown to first determine if you are eligible for medical marijuana. If you are, she and your physician can decide if reducing or potentially eliminating certain medications is appropriate. Medical marijuana is often used in combination with other treatments and therapies for PTSD.

When you choose Dr. Brown, you are choosing a physician who will advocate for you. If she determines you are eligible, you will not simply get a receipt and be sent out the door. Dr. Brown and our team will provide guidance every step of the way. Rely on us for information about what dispensaries you can choose from, and what to look for and ask for when you get to the dispensary – there are many different products, and we will make sure you are not overwhelmed about what products will benefit your PTSD symptoms. Dr. Brown also follows up with all of her patients, monitoring how the treatment makes you feel and if any adjustments need to be made.

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Arrange Your Medical Marjijuna For PTSD Evaluation in St. Petersburg

The only way to know if you qualify for a medical marijuana ID card in Florida is to arrange an evaluation with a qualified physician. Dr. Lora Brown has completed the certification training and has been evaluating patients for eligibility since the amendment to the state constitution was passed.

Your evaluation is risk free: If you are not eligible for medical cannabis for PTSD, you will not be charged for the cost of the evaluation. If you are eligible, the cost of the evaluation is $225. To learn more and to arrange your appointment, please call Access Marijuana RX in St. Petersburg, FL, at (727) 209-5470.