Getting a marijuana card in Florida can mean relief from painful and debilitating symptoms. You must first receive an evaluation from a qualified physician – that’s the way the law works in our state. So how do you choose a doctor you’ll like and who is qualified? Please read below for tips.

Choosing the Right MMJ Doctor in Florida

Here are a few things to think about when choosing a doctor:

  • Marijuana product guidance. Our physicians don’t write up a recommendation and send you off to the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (a.k.a. dispensary) without first making sure you are informed. We’ll make sure you know which marijuana strains are good options to ask for, as well as which delivery method (tincture, vaporizer, oil, etc.) you may want to purchase. We can also tell you about the different MMTCs in our region. Each one offers its own variety of products, just like different brands of cereal at the grocery store.
  • Commitment to your best possible results. You receive an ongoing doctor-patient relationship when you choose AMRX. The AMRX doctor responsible for your care will want to know how the marijuana product is working for you. Dosing and other aspects of your recommendation may be adjusted as needed.
  • Knowledge. Our practice is founded by Dr. Lora Brown, who has been helping patients get their cannabis cards since Florida’s medical marijuana law took effect in 2017. We are guided by her extensive experience in pain management medicine. All of our physicians know the cannabis law, and cannabis benefits and risks. They understand the health conditions experienced by our patients, and will determine if marijuana is beneficial in each case.

We are driven by a passion for improving our patients’ lives! We have seen how cannabis can improve the daily lives of people who are dealing with various health conditions, from chronic pain to terminal illness. Marijuana provides effective pain relief, appetite stimulation and other benefits without the addictive, potentially deadly hazards of opioid medications. As you can see from our patient reviews, our guests have experienced an array of positive effects after using cannabis.

Make Sure Your Doctor Has Basic Qualifications

Whichever physician you ultimately choose, ensure the physician has these minimum qualifications:

  • Must currently possess an active and unrestricted license in Florida as an M.D. or osteopathic physician
  • Must have completed the state-required 2-hour course and examination

A physician who works for an MMTC or Marijuana Testing Laboratory is ineligible to evaluate patients for marijuana eligibility, as is a physician with a medical license that is restricted in our state. All qualified physicians are listed on the website of the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use, including all of the AMRX physicians.

We know you have many doctors to choose from in the greater Tampa area alone. Our physicians and staff have the knowledge, experience and compassion that is so beneficial to the process of acquiring a card and optimizing the results you get from cannabis.

Taking the Next Step to Get a Marijuana Card in the Tampa Area

Our experienced marijuana doctors will determine if you are eligible for a Florida cannabis card during an evaluation at our comfortable St. Petersburg office. To arrange your appointment, please call our team at 727-209-5470. Our helpful staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you may have.

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