Having served their country, military veterans deserve the best we have to offer. They’ve done their part for the United States, and they should be able to access the medical solutions they need for the injuries they sustained. Medical marijuana in Florida is available to veterans and civilians alike who are dealing with a wide range of ailments. Many of these health conditions and symptoms can be caused by military service.

Monday, November 11, 2019 is Veterans Day. The entire team at Access Marijuana RX encourages all of our readers to take a moment to think of veterans and what their sacrifices continue to mean for our lives and livelihoods. We are thankful for their unparalleled service and hope we can connect veterans in pain with the medical cannabis that can help them.

Veterans Need and Deserve Solutions when it comes to Injuries, Pain and Ailments

Active military personnel and military veterans often face serious health issues when they return home:

  • 20 percent of the 2.7 million Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans experience PTSD or depression (vetscp.org)
  • The rate of PTSD may be up to 15 times higher in active duty service members compared to the general population (nami.org). The rate of depression may be up to 5 times higher
  • 60-80 percent of soldiers who had blast injuries may also have traumatic brain injury (Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • Veteran suicide rates are much higher than suicide rates among the general population (USA Today)
  • Last year saw the highest number of military active duty suicides since the Department of Defense began tracking these suicides, at 325 deaths (USA Today)
  • Nearly 1 in 4 active duty members showed signs of a mental health condition in a 2014 survey (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

As a veteran, your service to the country is unmatched. You deserve the benefits and care you are entitled to, and we think that should include the option to treat your health conditions with all-natural marijuana products.

Veterans Across Florida Turn To MMJ For Effective Symptom Relief

Many of our patients are military veterans. We’re excited to have the opportunity to connect soldiers with the benefits of medical cannabis, because we have seen first-hand that it can relieve many health and wellness issues servicemen and servicewomen experience, such as:

It’s not uncommon to receive prescriptions for narcotic painkillers when you visit your doctor to treat these ailments. Some veterans find themselves taking several different prescriptions daily. While these medications can be helpful for certain individuals, others may struggle with the side effects or addictive qualities. You may be unhappy with a medicated mental fog, or the hassle of multiple pills. Opioid medications are highly addictive, and some people have found themselves dependant on these medications.

The veterans who we see, many of them are able to lower their dosage or the number of medications they take, after finding success with cannabis. We will discuss with you how you would talk to your doctor about this issue. You certainly shouldn’t stop taking your medications before talking to your doctor.

Finding the Right Marijuana Experience

One of the great things about medical marijuana is that the strain, product and delivery device is customized to you. Certain strains will be well-suited to insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain, poor appetite, etc. There are many ways to use the marijuana, including smokable flowers, vaporizers, pills, creams, oils and tinctures. Also, some products contain THC, some contain CBD, some contain both. Therefore, you don’t have to feel high if you don’t want to – a CBD product provides relief, relaxation and other benefits without the intoxicating effect. So the experience is highly tailored to what you are looking for.

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