It’s important to find a way to consume medical marijuana that works for you. Edibles are one popular option because they are easy to take and taste good.

Our patients have been waiting to purchase these products for years. The good news is that they’re finally available at many MMTCs. Here’s what you need to know about buying and taking edibles in Florida.

Benefits of Edibles

Cannabis edibles provide some unique benefits over other methods of administration (or “medicating”) such as smoking, vaporizing, or taking tinctures. And most products taste so good that you can hardly tell they contain marijuana.

Some pros of edibles include that they:

  • Are discreet and convenient
  • Tend to be more potent than smokables
  • Provide reliable dosing
  • Have a longer-lasting effect

Edibles are a favorite choice among patients who are averse to inhaling cannabis. They can also be a good fit for anyone interested in a new way to get relief from a qualifying medical condition.

Types of Edibles Available from Florida MMTCs

While you won’t find bright-colored gummies and decorative cakes at Florida dispensaries, there are still many different types of edible products to choose from. These products include:

  • Lozenges
  • Gelatins
  • Baked goods
  • Chocolates
  • Drink powders

You’ll also be able to pick a dose that works for you. Each individual serving can have a maximum of 10 milligrams, while a multi-serving edible can contain a maximum of 200 milligrams.

Adding Edibles to Your Certification

If you’re interested in receiving an order for edibles, contact one of our qualified physicians. We can add edibles to an already-existing certification if we determine that they’re appropriate for you. Qualified patients don’t need to be recertified to receive an order for edibles.

Call our office at 727-209-5470 to learn more. Access Marijuana RX is located in St. Petersburg and proudly serves patients from Tampa and the surrounding areas of Florida.

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